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Fixed 890c Troubleshooter.

Sometimes your system may display a message that points to the 890c troubleshooter. There can be many reasons for this problem.

HP DeskJet 890c Printer

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890c troubleshooting

Complex with a large number ofWith the web pages, graphics and/or color photographs you need to get started

Print. When the work indicator is flashing, the printer has development information.

Make sure the power cord is securely connected to the printer and therefore to a working electrical outlet

And I would say the printer is on. The power light on the front panel facing the printer should be on.

Make sure the paper is loaded correctly in the lower tray (feeder) and that the paper is not

Accumulated in the device. For information about clearing paper jams, see page 18.

Make sure the dark and color cartridges are installed correctly

installed and printer top cover closed.

Turn the printer off and then on again. In addition to letting go, click Continue


button. If the payment page prints, the problem cannot be with the printer itself.

Make sure the high quality double-sided interface plug is properly connected

to both a photo printer and a computer. (An IEEE-1284 compliant parallel cable is recommended.)

Make sure your favorite HP DeskJet printer recognizes the current or default printer

Closes the nozzles of the ink cartridges. Be sure to remove this tape from both cartridges as usual.

When people type black text and output a blank page, the person prints black text

Make sure your HP DeskJet printer is still selected as the current default printer

(Portrait or Landscape) is selected in product line preferences in some HP printing preferences

Dialog box. (See Changing print settings from the How To tab of the HP DeskJet 890C toolbox.)

The black and color cartridges may need to be aligned –

both have been removed or replaced, or the crimson ink and color ink do not match each other

everything on the page. (See the toolbar instructions on the HP DeskJet 890c Printer Services tab.)

If almost everything is twisted on the reverse side, make sure

The width of the paper above these length guides exactly matches the style of the left and bottom edges of each paper stack.magicians, and this

More than one 16 mm paper is loaded in the shared input tray

If text or graphics are cut off at the edges of the article, be careful

The field settings in this document do not extend beyond the computer area of ​​your HP DeskJet product. (See

The 830C and 890C are already 11,000-count portable capacitance meters that calculate capacitance up to 200mF (50mF for the 890C). All of these meters are easy to use, allow quick measurements and shorten the capacitance charge sorting process, in this case, discharge the connected capacitor. These sensors add many handy features. The compare mode, which specifically supports 25 sets of increment/decrement commands, provides a convenient way to manipulate capacitors without having to adjust the counter each time. Data logging, mean/min/max hold, tolerance, and equivalent mode features provide additional tools for component troubleshooting.

  • 0.5% base accuracy
  • Capacity measurement up to200 mF (50 mF at 890 C)
  • Bright LCD backlight.
  • Quick autoranging for quick and easy component measurement
  • USB interface (virtual COM)
  • SCPI Compliant Commands for Exotic Communications
  • Data logging and front screen emulation software available for free download
  • Troubleshooting the capacitive domain
  • Electronic assembly
  • Sorting components
  • Quality Information: Control
  • Ordering The 830C base model includes a 120V AC adapter as a valuable accessory. Alternatively, a 230 VAC card can be supplied by specifying model 830C EXD when ordering. Network adapters are optional accessories for the 890C.

  • 120VAC wall adapter with 12VDC/150mA output, medium +

    Wall adapter 120 VAC with 12 VDC output current/150 mA, centered +

    BE800 model

    120V AC wall adapter usedto power compatible devices without battery power. Outlet plug dimensions: length: 10.5 mm, outer dimension: 4 mm, inner diameter 1: 0.5 mm

  • One covered with 879B
  • Suggested retail price $20

  • 230VAC 2-prong European wall adapter, enough ground to output 12VDC/150mA, center +

    European 2-prong wall adapter, 230 VAC, 12 VDC/150 mA output, center +

    Model BE802

    A 230V AC wall adapter used to save space to power compatible tools without batteries. The output connectors have the following dimensions: oversized pitch: 10.5mm, outer diameter: 4mm, specific inner diameter: 0.5mm

    890c troubleshooting

    Suggested retail price $20

  • DMM-LC Carrying Case

    Model 29B

  • Lightweight and durable Cordura nylon protects your tools.
  • Sdelano in the USA.
  • Space to run test strings
  • Approximate internal dimensions 4″ x 2.5″ x 8″ (102 x 64 x 203 mm)
  • Suggested retail price $19

  • Surface clamp cable test

    Sample forceps (surface attachment)

    TL 8 model

    Flyer, 2-wire, 400Vrms, 1A

    For measuring small surface mount components such as capacitors, resistors and inductors

    Angus Moulden

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