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Best Way To Troubleshoot Apsgetready Error Messages

If you are getting an apsgetready error on your system, we hope this user guide will help you.


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apsgetready error message

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  • Error message: “AspSearchInterfuce procedure entry point not found and strong wlanapi.dll” appears in Link Library after SP 3 and IE.

    Original title: Windows XP Home Edition error message

    I reformattedl Drive Heavy and restored to factory settings. I have upgraded to Service 3 Pack and additionally to IE 8. Now I am getting some of the errors listed below and the laptop won’t turn off.


    The entire aspSearchInterfuce entry point process crashed

    Find wlanapi.dll in the important references library

    The procedure apsInitialze could not and cannot be an entry point

    located in the dynamic services library wlanapi.dll

    Can anyone tell our family what these bugs are without mentioning how to fix them?

    Hi Daytona931,

    We hope you were able to solve the problem first, and thanks for sharing specific information.

  • Start the entire computer, I get a message that says. Upsynthesizing is not welcome in a link library with wlanapi.dll.


    Hi, can anyone please explain “what is this and what it can do for my computer’s performance” while being able to work with Windows XP Home Edition. Thank you Sherry.

    Hi Sherry

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) introduces a new DLL with aI eat a .File called Wlanapi.dll. This is a file installed in the %WINDIR%System32 folder. Some installations behind device drivers for some third party cellular adapters also install the Wlanapi.dll file in the %WINDIR%System32 folder. If a third-party network adapter document is installed in this folder before Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is installed, the Wlanapi.dll file associated with the network adapter is replaced by the Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) installation file.

    Click the link anyway and see if it works.

    An error message every time you restart your computer after installing Windows XP Service 3

    Good afternoon!

    Answer if it’s about facial expressions.

  • Wzcsldr2.exe — entry point not found The apsGetReady procedure entry point was not found in the wlanapi.dll dynamic library. appears after launch

    Wzcsldr2.exe – Entry point procedure not found
    —– — — – —————-
    The article point apsGetReady cannot exist in the wlanapi.dll push link library.
    —- – —— — – —–
    ——————– ——- ——-

    apsgetready error message

    Because the Microsoft forum resolutions do not request anyo information system class when a recent question is asked, so we don’t know anything about your system. Ignorance of basic information about the dispute prolongs frustration and suffering on these issues.

    Maybe one day the “Ask a Question” chat box in the XP forums will automatically ask questions when you create a new thread so I don’t have to ask again every time. It might even be possible to solve the problem with one specific answer if enough information is provided.

    Cooper Webb

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