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I Have A Problem With A Bean Not Found In The Scope Of The Bean.

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have come across the well known error message bean not found in usebean. This problem occurs for several reasons. Now we will discuss them.

You need the class aspect instead of the type attribute.

Bean Bean is equal to (Bean) pageContext.getAttribute("bean", PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE);if (bob == null)    throw ServletException("new bean not found in scope");// use vegetables...

bean not found within scope usebean

Bean Bean is equal to (Bean) pageContext.getAttribute("bean", PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE);if (bob == null) Bean is equivalent to new Bean();    pageContext.setAttribute("bean", bean, PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE);// use bean...

If the site has worked before and never “suddenly” works, then the device means that something indicating that a bean is about to be placed in the area has stopped working. Set up a servlet that handles the match in doGet():

request the attribute .setAttribute("bean", new Bean());request.getRequestDispatcher("page.jsp").forward(request, response);

You may be specifying a JSP page URL on purpose instead of our own servlet URL. For example, if you want to disable direct access to JSP pages, just put them in /WEB-INF and redirect them instead.

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  • test
    bean not found within scope usebean

    My application in Tomat6.0 has no errors. However, if I move it to a production server that



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  • Feel free to post a description of your bean as well as the JSP ()! ! ! jsp:useBean works the same in Tomcat5.5 and Tomcat6.0

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  • Surya Kant wrote: There should be no difference between Tomcat 4 and 5.5.
    Possible scenarioii use of a cup of coffee beans

    Thanks for the result, Surya Kant. Yes, it continues to work fine on my localhost, but correctly shows an internal server failure.

    I tried to scope the application, but I still get the same error. Could you please tell me how to solve your current problem.

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  • Here’s my JSP page!

    And my list of beans

    Thank you

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  • It still can’t instantiate because they can’t find the class name you provided.
    2 thingswhich you can try
    1.Insert import statement in JSP
    all yours 2.Check if your classpath contains an accessible put directory
    I hope this solves your problem

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  • Specify the base class name. Change the vegetable class name searchBeans to SearchBeans

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  • Thanks for your reply Surya Kant, problem solved.
    I followed your instructions and increased the beans.searchBeans import and now it works.

    Thanks JSP for help

    JBuilder is definitely accessing my files in someone’s d:MySourceBannerTrackerdefaultroot directory.

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