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Bug Fixes And Bug Fixes When Editing Gecko Info

Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered an error while editing information about geckos. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now.

How do you reset a gecko hot tub?

Loosen the two fasteners holding the cover on the control box. Lift up the cover to expose the LED board. Check cardthe LED to see if there are already three flashing dots in front of it. Turn off the switch, automatic if so, you can reboot the system.

An error message appears on the keyboard. Someone from Gecko does not understand what this means? Below are the most recent messages that may appear on this keyboard, depending on the influence system.

  • in.xm and in.xm2 control systems
  • in.xe, in.yj, Also manage systems
  • Please note that error messages vary depending on the control system model your spa has installed. This list is evolving and all non-emails will be listed. Read the spa manufacturer’s instructions, contact us toll free for more information.

    How do you unlock a gecko in a hot tub?

    Spas using Gecko X and Y series grippers Level die room locks all setpoint settings and several options in the settings menu. A “full” number locks out all function keypads. Unlock (partial or press full): Raise the right button for 5 seconds.

    Finally, depending on the configuration of the common control unit, the code “5555” can be requested to change the number of skill levels, number of phases or level (in knowledge.k500 with minor version 15.00, and upper to .lower .k800). ) to expand the lower level number (in.k1000, then in.k1001) toor expand to.

    in.xm and in.xm2 storage systems

    How do you set up a gecko spa pack?

    Make sure the spa bag door is closed. Turn on the circuit breaker. Press and hold the select button for 5 seconds to enable low level programming. Upon activation, the display will show “LL”, not to mention the current favorable level preset configuration.

    An error code indicates a system malfunction or problem that needs to be fixed in order for the spa to function properly. When error codes are displayed, the device ID and high level error code are displayed together. If more than one stress bug is present, the bug with the highest quality priority is displayed. When problems usually occur on devices, several problem areas include:

    1 like. “SP” instruction for problems with the PC itself
    2 control. “RH” messages for problems with district heating
    3. “P1”, “P2”, etc. For messages of various types of 230 V devices, such as pumps
    4. Other error messages of all kinds

    Error message Value Solution Sir’s SP file An internal hardware error has already been detected in in.xm, possibly a file in .xm2 Start spa package, then restart, stop all pumps and fan. error
    If repeats, replace fitness club package. SP – Br SelectThis current factor at the input is less than the sum of the connected currents for all pumps.

  • It is possible to increase .xm in .Current xm2 rating and grinder settings.
  • Increase the size of the manufacturer’s circuit breaker and cable switch, or simply measure the size of the pump.
  • error while changing the gecko information

    SP-Br is never considered an error code, so this element does not cause a service character to appear on the screen. Although the SP-Br should be considered more of an indication, the use of an emitter or even other accessories is not allowed if the available current is definitely sufficient for the needs.

    Sp voltage input input is too low. problem Occurred with these terminal connections or with a specific cable. Check the input terminal connections, make sure they are properly connected and tight (see Connection in section a).
    Have a licensed electrician check certain quality types of power wiring.
    They must be 240V, including L1 and L2 and 120 V each somewhere between line and neutral.- sp F1 Fuse f1 blown. fans,blowers, blood pump, optical fiber
    error while changing the gecko information

    Replace the blown F1 link with an additional one (SC-20, then the same SC-25, etc.). Blown out
    If a new fuse, remove the fiber optic fan, fan and circulation pump.
    Replace the fuse fuse and reconnect all components one by one, the fuse may be blown le. You
    replace the component that caused the mixture jump.-

    Sp F2 Fuse f2 must have nearly blown. Pump pump 2, 3, fan over 1100W Replace all blown fuse F2 with a spare fuse of the same size (SC-20, sc-25, etc.)
    If a new fuse is blown, remove the fuse by 2, bleed 3 fans or
    replace the link and again connect to all components, one at a time, until the fuse blows.
    The replacement point has blown this F3 fuse SP – f3 fuse blown. Usually fails pump with 1 Replace the F3 fuse with a similar installed spare fuse (SC-20, SC-25, etc.)
    If the fuse is replaced with a new one, the pump1. SP – FROM Temperature at the edge of the spa is very high, causing the internal temperature of each in.xm™ to rise above the specified normal (overheat limit state).skirt Remove the spa from the cooling system.
    Resetting the circuit breaker may be required to resolve the issue SP – Flashing Ohio + temperature above 112°F (44.4°C) on Papan-Ketik display.
    System detects Von Spa water temperature above 112°F (44.4° superheat condition). Remove the spa, enter and let the spa cool down.
    Add cooling to the pool and reduce the filtration cycle.
    If clean, our temperature will drop to normal limits, the error will be reset.< br>If the error persists, measures accept. temperature with my own digital thermometer and compare your reading with the temperature in my subject. on the display. temperature If different, replace in.therm
    If problem persists, replace gasket. Fri – Er
    in.xm2 Input signal 50/60 (Hz frequency) is out of normal range. Did this error appear on startupour first in.xm2? If so, have the power quality checked by a licensed electrician. rH – error h Hardware diagnostics performed at In.therm (applies to electronics only). Switch reset; main Confirm the restart of the heater by toggling the matrix point and turning each output (pumping) on ​​and off.
    If the problem is not solved, not in.therm. rHNH A – “no heat detected”. Check if is connected correctly. (You should hear this click!)
    Turn on the main switch.
    Measure the voltage at the corresponding di terminal (see page 28 in the appendix to your technical manual)
    If you do not get the correct voltage reading, replace the large circuit
    When you get an acceptable voltage, you will adjust the reading in.therm. rH – nF

    Are Gecko controls good?

    Gecko controls are manufactured in Canada and have an excellent reputation for quality construction, reliability, ease of use and operation. They offer presentations in vibrant colors and on a high resolution screen. It has an intuitive user interface, allowing you to fully control the functions and features of our spa.

    Gary Wall

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