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How To Fix Handpunch Network Error?

Sometimes your computer may display an error code that indicates manual network troubleshooting. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Perforation Issues

Sometimes employees may have difficulty hitting a manual punch. Problems in HandPunch can be easily divided into biometric and non-biometric problems. Non-biometric issues are the easiest to diagnose because the technician is not prompted to add their hand.

handpunch network troubleshooting

After the employee enters their Watch ID and presses Enter, HandPunch should display PLACE HAND on the screen. If the HandPunch rings twice and the display shows a positive ENTER ID, then the watch ID entered by the operator does NOT match the HandPunch ID. The reasons for this method may be:

  • The employee may not have been registered
  • An employee mistakenly uses a number that is completely different from the number under which he was originally registered.
  • An employee is never assigned to this watch in the Hour Info tab.
  • The worker is inactive in the software, and in addition, the software removes its own watch ID from HandPunch.
  • Co The mine was registered with a timer ID that was previously used by an inactive employee, but the program removes their timer ID from HandPunch.
  • The hours are full, so all employees assigned to the hours cannot be registered in the hours.
  • handpunch network troubleshooting

    If TIME LIMIT is displayed on HandPunch, then the alarm ID entered by the employee in HandPunch is not eligible for punching. The reasons may be:

  • An employee has used a restricted work model (work model and tab) and the professional is attempting to strike outside of the allowed strike zone. The strike zone is usually defined by employee schedules (Schedules tab).
  • Employees must be in the strike zone (watch information tab) and attempt to strike outside the strike zone.
  • Biometric Issues

    If HandPunch shows PLACE HAND after an employee enters their Alert ID and presses Enter, but this particular HandPunch shows TRY AGAIN after placing hand and ends up saying TIME NOT NOT VALID, you can check the following:

  • Is the predicament limited to this employee, a select few, or a majority of professionals? If you can get in as a Caretaker and get a full score in the same range as normal, it definitely indicates that the problem may be isolated.
  • Does the employee use the processing hours ID? On the other hand, if an employee uses the wrong Watch ID, if this Watch ID belongs to an adult employee, then this is not a biometric problem at all (in HandPunch, he does exactly what he should do – resets his partner). ). .
  • Whether the use of the hand staff is correctly positioned. This is very important for a successful strike. The hand should be placed on the flat surface of the roller so that the fingers just touch the pins. If the red light is actually on, the person who is not tapping touches the pin with their finger.
  • Is the wrist visible when punched? If the wrist is not visible, the surround camera may not be able to scan the hand correctly.
  • Did the proposal change anything? Employee While HandPunch accommodates small changes in hand type, such as weight loss or gain, major changes, such as nail lengthening or shortening, may require employee assistance in re-enrollment.
  • If an employee becomes TEMPORARY DISABLED when attempting to knock, another employee or someone else must knock first before that wonderful employee can knock again. If a person can now hit successfully, then there is nothing to do.
  • If the employee in question is still suffering from an illness, consider removing and rehiring the employee.
  • Some employees here are called “bad punchers” because they are very unpredictable in using HandPunch. You can increase the threshold on the Clock Info tab from 200 to 250.
  • If an employee is unable to knock because people cannot put their hand in but can turn off the lights (injury, something beyond their ability, or even movement, nofingertip), you should probably use the “No Biometric Verification” option on the “Employee Hours Information” tab.
  • Perforation Issues

    If the problem with registration is not limited to a few ideal employees, HandPunch can be the cause of all problems:

  • HandPunch just needs to be kept clean. See HandPunch for repair, maintenance and cleaning instructions. If the plate, mirror, and hand area are not too clean, every worker can be affected.
  • The next step should be to remove the manual punch for 10 seconds and then reinstall it. You may need a key to be able to remove the power supply from under the HandPunch if access to the power supply is not available.
  • Get a calibration from it by manually pressing the “No” button (*) 11 (eleven) times. Normalization shows such r0 in the top display selection with c-1 e123 s. The numbers to the right of r and c must be -1, 0, or 1.
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